Values & Principles: Elizabeth Evatt and Jane Caro

Elizabeth Evatt discusses the fundamental nature of human rights and their importance in a modern, compassionate society. She, thus, demonstrates how their negligence in Australian legislation (as seen with the mandatory detention of refugees) represents a serious moral flaw in our national administration, as well as being in violation of the UN Charter. She argues for the end of regarding human rights as a mere ‘mantra’, calling for specific goals to be set in the drafting of human rights legislation, and for human rights to be both considered and attended to in general social and economic policy. This will ensure that such matters are not left in the hands of a single, unaccountable bureaucracy, but rather are subjected to scrutiny by the courts…more

Jane Caro discusses the pitfalls of technological advancement and the trend towards personal choice and action that has developed under the Howard administration. She argues that giving people the ability to handle their own superannuation and tax affairs, as well as the regular chores of having to attend to one’s own consumer affairs through the Internet and call centres, only adds to the burdens of their modern lives. She analyses the effectiveness of ‘flat taxes’ in various other economies such as Russia and Estonia, claiming that their introduction into the Australian tax system could eliminate the vagaries of this complex process. These, she claims, should form part of ALP policy, not only as a service to Australian workers, but also as a way of reinvigorating the Party’s ailing election hopes…more

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