Draft version of The Common Wealth

Introduction to ‘The Common Wealth’ v.1

In our policy development work, we were reminded many times that so many policy proposals are ad hoc and inconsistent. They were not underpinned by agreed values.

Because of those reminders by our readers, we decided to focus initially in the Centre for Policy Development on the important values that should guide our policy work. We have been impressed by our readers’ concern with public policy and by the depth of feeling in their contributions – a feeling that Australia is losing its vitality and openness, and that public policy has become detached from underpinning values.

Drawing on our readers’ articles and comments, the Centre for Policy Development has assembled a document which tries to articulate those values, as we interpret them.

We want to reframe the issues in our political discourse to restore such terms as wealth, individualism and mutual obligation to their time-honoured meanings.

This is a work in progress. We invite your comments. We will publish them. Later we will collate them and republish ‘The Common Wealth’ as a clear statement of values of the Centre for Policy Development community. This statement will then provide the framework for policy development in such areas as, for example, education, health, environment.

Please let us have your comments and suggestions as we proceed further in this collaborative venture. A statement such as this should point broadly to the future we seek. We must avoid getting lost in detail. The briefer this statement is, the better.

John Menadue
The Centre for Policy Development

The Common Wealth (download entire) (word) (pdf)

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1. Preamble

2. Community Engagement

3. Equity

4. Stewardship

5. Fairness

6. Freedom

7. An Ethical Culture

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