Education Policy Series: Quality education for all

This week we run the first in a series of articles on education funding policy, responding to the topic ‘Quality education for all — from rhetoric to reality’.

This is the third topic to be featured in the Centre for Policy Development‘s education section, which has previously looked at ‘Parental anxiety and how our education system might respond’ and ‘Values and Australian schools: towards an inclusive and respectful society’.

Over the last few months we have sought policy recommendations from academics, teachers, policy makers, politicians, parents, advocates and other concerned individuals on how to improve Australia’s primary and secondary education system.

The series begins with an article by Chris Bonnor, who addresses the challenges and complexities of government funding from the perspective of a public school principal. Bonnor outlines some of the major concerns with current policy on education funding, including the lack of regulation in place for private schools receiving government funding, the social impact of the growing disparities between public and private schools and the heavy burden carried by public schools due to their obligation to enrol any student.

Throughout the series we will hear from a variety of authors writing on issues such as inclusivity in private schools, accountability in government funding, education as a common good, government responsibility for public investment in education, support for students with identified needs and the acknowledgement and support of teachers.   

The best recommendations from articles published in this section will be taken and incorporated into a series of position papers which will be distributed to relevant groups, organisations, and policy committees. This series is designed to be interactive and we encouarge you to engage with the ideas and policies suggested by posting a comment, or to submit an article responding to any of the questions posed in the call for submissions.

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