Draft Employment Rights Statement

We have now released a preliminary draft of the Centre for Policy Development's Statement of Employment Rights: the rights of workers within an efficient and fair industrial relations system, prepared by the Hon. Paul Munro

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The competitive pressures triggered by globalisation have changed both workplaces and households enormously. A new world of work has emerged, in which employment and its conditions are becoming increasingly precarious. Some workers have welcomed the advent of new, more 'flexible' employment relationships, or have learned to make a virtue of necessity. Others have had 'flexibility' thrust upon them; given no choice but to comply with many employers' attempts to shift the risks and responsibilities of employment onto their workforce. A large group of workers are vulnerable to change, as are many people who have no or insufficient work. For almost all Australians it is becoming harder to maintain a reasonable balance between work and the rest of their lives.

The attempt to reconcile the values of our society with the demands of the labour market has been at the heart of Australian workplace relations for over a century. The ongoing push for fair pay, conditions and hours and a fair go for all workers has been a central element of that struggle. Recent changes to our industrial relations system have put the rights of workers at risk. They need to be reasserted and reformulated if they are to withstand the pressures that face us now.

This draft Statement is the first stage in developing a Centre for Policy Development paper on employment rights. We intend it to act as a template against which future legislation can be measured. Subsequent versions will provide more detail on how the rights outlined in this document could be translated into a political plan for legislative reform.

For further information on this initiative please email contact@cpd.org.au

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