What is the CPD?

The Centre for Policy Development is an independent public interest think tank.

We’re not an
academic research unit, a lobby group or a campaigning body. We’re not
affiliated with any political party. We’re non-profit, based in Sydney but with a national policy focus.

What does the CPD do?

The Centre creates space for those who care about
Australia’s long-term future to develop their ideas, and connects those
ideas with a wider audience of concerned citizens, policy makers, and
the media.

Our focus
is on the development and dissemination of practical policy ideas and on the
translation of academic research into "real world" proposals and analysis. We
look at the big picture and the long term, reimagining the entire public sphere
by seeking out, synthesising and promoting the best research from Australia and
around the world.

We give high priority to promoting a diverse
range of voices: encouraging cross-generational participation and collaboration.

This website is our main public face, supported by printed publications, events, and a strong media voice.

Who’s involved?

Miriam Lyons is CPD Director, and John Menadue AO is Chair of the CPD board of directors. Our patron is Julian Burnside QC.

Dr James Arvanitakis is the chair of the Centre’s Policy Advisory Group, which coordinates our policy development program and the work of our research fellows. Ian McAuley coordinates our peer-review process. Interns, volunteers, and pro bono professional supporters are crucial to the success of CPD activities.

How can I participate?

You can support us directly by becoming a CPD supporter or volunteer. If you’d like to receive updates on our work or invitations to events, or to make comments on articles, you’ll need to sign up for a CPD user account.

For information on how to contribute articles and policy papers please see WRITE FOR US at left. For web 2.0 addicts we’ve also got a CPD group on Facebook.


Your CPD user account

How do i sign up?

There is a page on the site where you can set up your CPD user account. Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to select which email updates you would like to receive, add your comments to articles on the site, and update your contact details so you can stay in touch with CPD
news and events.

Fillin the fields on the registration page and click on ‘create new account’. If you have trouble with this, contact us for assistance.

I signed up, why have I not received any email?

You should receive your CPD username and password immediately upon signing up.

If you do not receive these emails, the most likely explanation is that your email system has deemed them to be spam. You will need to add admin(at)cpd.org.au to your ‘safe list’ to receive email from CPD in future.

If you cannot retrieve your registration information, please contact us and we’ll resend it.

I’ve forgotten my username or password. What can i do?

You can use the ‘request new password’ button under the user log-in boxes at right if you forget your password or username. If you also forget which email address you used to register, you’ll need to contact us for assistance.

Why don’t my comments appear?

We welcome your comments on CPD articles and papers, but we do have to moderate them to make sure our site doesn’t contain inappropriate material. This means that your comments are held in a queue until they have been checked for compliance with our comments policy – but if you are waiting more than a few days, do let us know and we’ll look into it.


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