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The Centre for Policy Development has well and truly hit the ground running. Our website is now live, with all the content from New Matilda's policy portal transferred across – and our first event is tomorrow.

Complimentary membership has been extended to all New Matilda subscribers. You can now log in to the new site at www.cpd.org.au with your existing New Matilda username and password. Come and have a look around the site – and please let us know what you think.

If you can come and join us in Sydney tomorrow for a Reality Check on the state of Australia's economy, please do. We're inviting our speakers to tell both major parties what they need to do to face up to reality on climate change, debt, and the growing problem of 'time poverty'. This is the kind of stratetgic intervention in public debate that we plan to do a lot more of as we grow.

The first edition of InSight, the monthly magazine of the CPD, will come out on Monday May 7th. You can read a sneak peak below: in 'Lucky country, unlucky leadership' CPD fellow Ian McAuley tackles the myth of Howard's 'sound economic management'.

Welcome to the Centre for Policy Development: your ideas can change Australia.

Help spread the word! Download the CPD flyer & email it to your friends!

Reality Check | 1-2pm Friday 27th April | Sydney

Join Ian Dunlop, Dr John Buchanan and Dr Steve Keen tomorrow from 1-2pm as they don their stethoscopes, diagnose the diseases and scribble out some prescriptions for lasting economic health. But will Australia’s political parties take their medicine? Moderated by Helen Trinca.

Date: Friday April 27th; Time: 1-2pm; Venue: UTS Haymarket Campus, Building C, level 1, Room 31. Just up Darling Drive from the Convention Centre. (View map) Enter via Block D next to the 'Art of food' café.

Australia's economy: lucky country, unlucky leadership

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