Beers without borders

Everyone's favorite drink-tank Beers without Borders is back in Sydney on Thursday May 17.

Time: 6 pm to 9.30pm
Date: 1 March 2007
Location: Upstairs at the Edinburgh Castle
Address: 294 Pitt St, Sydney (corner of Bathurst St).

Beers without Borders (BWB) is a place for everyone who is concerned about the direction this country is taking to get together, meet interesting people, and swap notes on how to make Australia a fairer, more sustainable place to live. Whether you're already involved in working for change or you're curious and would like to find out more, BWB is an inspiring, relaxing way to spend a Thursday night.

BWB runs on the Amway principle – bring two friends (and ask them to bring two friends), and together we’ll change politics (and maybe drink the pub dry!).

No speeches – no pamphlets – just good company and good beer!


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