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CPD launch

On Wednesday May 23, 2007 a crowd of supporters gathered in Sydney to celebrate the launch of the CPD.

CPD Chair John Menadue AO, Board member Julian Burnside QC, and Director Miriam Lyons spelt out the scope of our work and the urgent need for us to make our voice heard. You can now download an MP3 of the event, or follow the links below to speeches and media coverage.

Of course, now that we are officially up and running the real work begins – we'll be diving straight into policy debates on health, education, climate change and the state of Australia's economy. Please point friends and colleagues to our website, and encourage them to demonstrate their support by making donations or becoming members.

CPD in the news

Coming up soon

Next month's InSight magazine is nearly ready to hit your inboxes. The June edition will feature an exclusive report from CPD fellow Lyndsay Connors on John Howard's use of the statistical 'dark arts' in education funding.

And stay tuned next week for a proposal by Jennifer Doggett to dramatically reorient Australia's health care system in favour of primary care.

John Menadue – CPD Chair

"Australia has too much politics and not enough policy", said John Menadue. "We need to know what political parties and governments stand for – their values and principles. That is so whoever wins the next election. It will even be more important if there is a change of government."

Julian Burnside – CPD board member

"Ideas which stand unchallenged are likely to be flawed", said Julian Burnside. As the Liberal party loses its liberalism and the dominant conversation shifts ever further to the right, the CPD is needed to create a real contest of ideas.

Miriam Lyons – CPD Director

"Many of today's policy failures are based on an unbalanced view of human nature and a blinkered view of the economy", said Miriam Lyons. "We'll be basing our policy development on the search for a better balance between markets, governments, society and the environment."

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