Insight Edition | September 2007

In this edition:

Deeper in Debt: Australia’s addiction to borrowed money

Australians have an unsustainable debt addiction, which will be hard to kick, and painful to recover from. A new report by CPD fellow Steve Keen has found that in just 18 months time we may be spending as much of the national income on interest payments as we were in 1990 – when interest rates were at 17 per cent.

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DISCUSSION PAPER: Towards a more egalitarian Australia?

Frank Stilwell and Kirrily Jordan argue that the search for greater equality should be a principle for policy making.

Reappraising Risk

Have the actions of the US Federal Reserve calmed the volatility of the global debt market or signalled a much greater problem? Justin O’Brien assesses the implications of re-pricing the securitisation of risk.

Are We Ready for a New Kind of Capitalism?

American social entrepreneur Peter Barnes presents a vision for safeguarding the commons from both governments and markets.

Canberra fails to meet the work-family benchmark

The Australian Work and Family Policy Roundtable recently released benchmarks for the assessment of policy proposals. CPD fellow Eva Cox examines how the major parties’ 2007 election announcements shape up so far.

A 2020 vision of a feed in tariff for Australia

Voters, consumers and the planet are hungry for renewable energy: Danny Kennedy explains how to feed the renewables industry.

A balanced approach to the Murray-Darling Basin

Alex White reviews the Howard Government’s $10 billion national water plan, and finds that it places too much emphasis on bureaucracy and infrastructure and not enough on stakeholders and the establishment of water markets.

Strategic directions for a national primary health care policy

This article proposes a ‘cooperative federalist’ approach to funding and workforce integration with the aim of improving primary care across Australia over 5 to 10 years.

Crisis without collapse

How can we take transform the risk of breakdown into an opportunity for renewal? Thomas Homer-Dixon explores the possibilities for positive change in this extract from ‘The Upside of Down’. (NB for those who missed the CPD event with Thomas and Ian Dunlop there is a podcast attached to this article)