CPD health fact sheets

Health policy has been one of the CPD’s areas of focus since we launched in May 2007.

So far, we’ve produced a detailed vision for health reform in A Health Policy for Australia: Reclaiming Universal Health Care, and followed up with A New Approach to Primary Care for Australia, which was cited in the ALP’s health policy. And we’re becoming sought after as a source of expert analysis on health.

But we know that not everyone has the time to read policy papers and pore over statistics.

So we have prepared 5 simple fact sheets to outline where health policy is currently at – and where the major parties have promised to take it after Saturday’s election. Each PDF is just two pages long, and contains links to further research and articles for those who do want to delve into the issues more deeply:

We hope you find them a handy resource, and we’re happy for you to use them in any way you like: link to them, print them out and pass them on, download them and email them to your colleagues, etc.

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