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New directions in 2008

This year CPD will add Education to our focus areas of Health and Economic policy. With an ‘education revolution’ underway, we’ll be tracking down bright ideas for combating the skills crisis and making a high-quality education accessible to all. Education was the top issue nominated by CPD subscribers in last year’s survey.

CPD subscriber survey

This new focus on education wasn’t the only thing to come out of our online survey of CPD subscribers (it’s still up there if you want to add your comments). Results from the survey confirmed a few things we were already suspecting needed to change – and gave us plenty of new ideas as well.

You told us you wanted more ways of contributing to our work. So we are setting up a blog function on cpd.org.au which will allow us to move some of the conversations that feed into our publications online and open them up to CPD subscribers. And we are replacing flat-rate membership with a CPD supporters group, to make sure that no-one is prevented from accessing our work for financial reasons.

We’ll unveil these additions to the site soon. In the meantime, CPD user accounts and memberships won’t expire, and if you wish to contribute financially online, you’ll need to use the donate function on the site.

Recent CPD activities

CPD Chair John Menadue gave a speech last week which caused something of a stir. Readers will know that John firmly believes that health reform requires structural change, not just more money. In this speech he focused on the fundamental governance and management failures of hospitals – and called for a new role, that of clinician/manager.

CPD author Jennifer Doggett penned for Crikey an impassioned plea to Minister Roxon on behalf of private health insurers stuck with a product that no-one actually wants to buy… What do you think we’re running here? Medicare?

As well, Mark Bahnisch questioned the fable of the cultural elite in The Australian and Lindy Edwards explored the Apology and the Battle over Australian Identity in the Canberra Times. The list of all our recent media appearances can be found here.

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