CPD blogs are go

As promised, CPD blogs have arrived. Staff and fellows will be blogging about their latest research, posting links to relevant publications and events, and discussing their ideas on key CPD issues and themes. Depending on how the blog section goes, we may also invite guest bloggers from outside the CPD community to join discussions or write posts on specific issues.

The aim of this section is not to compete with any of the excellent group blogs already in existence (like Larvatus Prodeo, PollieGraph or Club Troppo) but to allow us to move some
of the conversations that feed into CPD publications online and open
them up to the general public. As our patron Julian Burnside QC said at our launch last year, "Ideas which stand unchallenged are likely to be flawed". So, challenge away!

(Please note – to protect the site against spammers, we are currently holding all comments in a queue until approved by a moderator. In future we’ll be able to make CPD subscribers into ‘trusted commenters’ once they’ve had their first post approved.)

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