InSight Edition | May 2008

This month we reflect on the 2020 experience, tease out some of the thorny questions behind means testing, and unpack the idea of ‘choice’ – as well as taking a look at design options for carbon markets and continuing Rob Salter’s series on social investment.

But before you get into the magazine, you might want to check out our Director, Miriam Lyons, on a panel with Tony Abbott, Tanya Plibersek, Stephen Crittendon and Pru Goward in the pilot episode of new ABC1 series, Q and A with Tony Jones. Preview here.

In this edition:

A New Progressive Consensus?

We asked delegates to the 2020 Summit for an appraisal of the proceedings and the ideas which emerged throughout the weekend. CPD Director Miriam Lyons, Stephen Leeder, Lyn Carson, Jon Altman and Bill Bowtell report back.

Carbon Markets in the Laboratory

Andrew Reeson and Karel Nolles examine how experimental economics can inform carbon market design.

Obstacles to Social Investment

In the second of his series of three articles on investment in the disadvantaged, Robert Salter identifies some key obstacles to implementing the increased investment he advocated in April InSight. His third article, in the next issue, will advance some solutions.

Mean tests: middle class welfare or redistributive fairness?

Arguing in favour of universal paid maternity leave, Eva Cox scrutinises means tests and government payments.

Choice – too much of a good thing?

In the first of a series of two articles on consumer choice and competition policy, CPD Fellow Ian McAuley examines assumptions about the value of choice in the policy marketplace.

5 ideas in 5 minutes

Following the 2020 Summit, this month’s instalment of 5 ideas in 5 minutes tracks new discussions on governance in Australia: Republicanism │ Federalism │ Indigenous representation in cultural institutions │ Collaborative governance │ Indigenous governance