Launch of ‘Cultural Commons of Hope’: a book by CPD fellow James Arvanitakis

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Our world is confronted by a number of crises – global warming, entrenched poverty and military conflicts such as the ‘war on terror’. While these crises appear disconnected, they are interrelated and dominate our experiences of modernity. As these crises are often aggravated by the very solutions proposed to solve them, this experience of modernity can be described as ‘pathological’. Pathological modernity is driven by a frontier disposition that encloses and commodifies non-commercial spaces (or commons), and creates a crisis of scarcity.

‘The Cultural Commons of Hope’ by CPD fellow James Arvanitakis explores pathological modernity in the natural world, societal institutions, the human body and the final frontier of the human experience: our hopes, trust and sense of safety. Arvanitakis finds that despite its dominance, the logic of enclosure is being challenged by resistance movements which are producing alternative visions of society based on hope, trust and a sense of abundance.

Join James and Dr Paul Brown, Head of History and Philosophy, UNSW, to launch The Cultural Commons of Hope at Gleebooks, Sydney on Friday, 16th May at 6:00pm. The book will be introduced by Professor David Rowe from the Centre for Cultural Research, UWS.

Click here or call 02 9660 2333 to reserve your place.

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