CPD gets going on Education policy

CPD Update: June 2008

Since Common Ground on Paid Maternity Leave (see how it went here), CPD has been increasing its focus on education policy.

Fellow Tony Moore has revised his Real Education Revolution piece which appeared on ABC Unleashed last week and we’ve republished it on the CPD site. He’s very keen to get your feedback on his ideas about how we can move beyond the public vs private debate when we talk about schools funding – so please get online and get involved!

Fresh from the launch of his new book, CPD fellow James Arvanitakis has also added a piece to our site: In Defence of Multilateralism explores how a multilateral approach to foreign policy can strengthen our democracy.

Also new on the site is the CPD’s submission to the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission, which you’ll find in the Policy Watch section. And in the blog… Ian McAuley has been taking a closer look at the recent Whingeing at the Pump.

Lyndsay and Jim, along with CPD fellows Eva Cox and Adam Rorris and Director Miriam Lyons, will be speaking at an Education Summit at the end of June – details to follow soon.

Finally, CPD’s Ian McAuley is speaking at the 7th Annual Health Insurance Summit on the need for a single national health insurer and is discussing behavioural economics at the Australian Bankers’ Association summit. See CPD events for details.

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