InSight Edition | June 2008

Climate Change and Human Rights

HREOC President, the Hon. John von Doussa QC outlines the Commission’s
findings on the social and human rights implications of climate change.

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Emissions Trading: Good Governance Requires 100% Auctioning

In advance of the Garnaut Review’s final report, Iain McGill and Regina
Betz argue that the introduction of a national Emissions Trading Scheme
should see all permits auctioned rather than given away to industry.

Fencing Wire and Mirrors: the World of the National Energy System

Gavan McDonell untangles the history and politics of Australia’s National Energy Market.

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A Just Transition

A Just Transition to a clean, renewable energy economy is urgent – and possible, argues Geoff Evans.

Competition: Too Much of a Good Thing?

In the second of two articles on consumer policy and competition, CPD
fellow Ian McAuley examines the limits of competition in the Australian
policy marketplace.

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Rethinking Social Investment

In the first and second articles in this series, Robert Salter argued
for the society-wide benefits of more substantial public investment in
the disadvantaged and identified obstacles and tasks to be addressed in
pursuit of this goal. In this final article, he proposes two measures
that might help achieve the higher level of investment he advocates.

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Is Australia’s Climate Policy Gender Literate?

In this article, Ariel Salleh explores the interrelation of gender and climate change.

5 ideas in 5 minutes

In this month’s 5 idea in 5 minutes, Daniel Frank looks at innovative
thinking to combat climate change.

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