They work for us

Good news. In a testament to the parallel evolution of ideas, it turns out that one of the projects I advocated at the 2020 Summit was already being built at the time:

"In the absence of philanthropic funding for
such a project, a one-off endowment should be made to a suitable
organisation, for example the ANU’s Democratic Audit, to set up and maintain a website similar to the UK’s"

Well, in the absense of philanthropic funding, a handful of volunteers took it upon themselves to build it for nix. The site is now in beta – check it out at

In the words of the founders: 

For all its faults and foibles, our democracy is a profound gift from previous generations.
Yet most people don’t know the name of their representative, let alone what they
do or say in their name.

We aim to help bridge this growing democratic disconnect, in the belief that there is
little wrong with Parliament that a healthy mixture of transparency and public engagement won’t fix.