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An open letter to the Centre for Policy Development’s Subscribers and Supporters.

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to be joining the CPD at this exciting time in its development. Australia has never been in more need of policy research which places shared values and principles at the centre of policy debates, rather than as a political afterthought.

I have returned to policy work after over ten years in the banking and finance sector, and it certainly looks like I picked the right time to change careers. While the correction has been underway since the start of the year, I was surprised how rapidly the market has deteriorated in the weeks since I left to work at the CPD.

As you may recall, CPD released a paper in September last year by Dr Steve Keen which argued that our exponential growth in debt-to-GDP ratios could not continue. As the train wreck in the financial markets gathers pace, now even RBA Governor Glenn Stephens acknowledges that the debt binge must stop. It is clear that the Centre’s role in supporting people like Steve who are willing to look at the evidence and take controversial positions is crucial.

I look forward to working with our researchers and volunteers on the exciting projects that are currently in progress, and encourage all of you to take part at this pivotal time when it has never been more important to foster independent voices who can question received wisdom and put forward new ideas.

You can contact me at james.murray(at)cpd.org.au*


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