Gleebooks and CPD present Miriam Lyons in conversation with Mark Davis

A lively crowd joined CPD Director Miriam Lyons as she met author and CPD fellow and best-selling author Mark Davis to discuss his new book, The Land of Plenty.

"The Land of Plenty is exactly what we need at the moment: a lucid, compelling and rigorously tough examination of where we are as a nation. A lacerating dissection of the ideologies of the New Right as well as the inertia and failures of the progressive left…This book is succour after a drought.’  – Christos Tsiolkas

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About the The Land of Plenty:

The Land of Plenty is a blistering exposé that tells the story of Australia today: how we got here, and where we’re going. It asks the tough questions: If we have enjoyed a decade-long economic boom, why are so many Australian’s experiencing unprecedented debt? Is this the end of the great Australian dream? What is the real legacy of the Howard years? How are economic reforms and the culture wars connected? If the old political ideas haven’t caught up with the times, what are the new ideas? Who, if anyone, has them?

Mark Davis is the author of best selling Gangland: Cultural Elites and the New Generationalism. He teaches in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne, and is a fellow of the Centre for Policy Development.

Mark Davis

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