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Happy holidays from the Centre for Policy Development

2008 has been a busy year for the Centre for Policy Development, and 2009 is looking even busier, with new research and ideas on everything from public transport to health copayments in the wings.

CPD staff, fellows, volunteers and Board wish you a safe and happy holiday break and look forward to working with you to make good policy matter in 2009.
InSight magazine | Special edition on the Global Financial Crisis

As 2008 draws to a close, we asked Centre for Policy Development thinkers to look at the issue that has had more impact than any other on this year’s policy debates – the global financial crisis.

Read this special edition of InSight for plain-English analysis and a round-up of the best writing on the crisis from around the world.

RICHARD L’ESTRANGE: The financial crisis: The conclusion of a catalogue of errors.

JOHN QUIGGIN: The end of neo-liberalism? Implications of the financial crisis.

STEVE KEEN: Predicting the crisis – medal winning analysts

JAMES MURRAY: What to do next? Policy directions after the crisis.

IAN DUNLOP: The financial crisis – our great opportunity.

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2008 in the news

Centre for Policy Development thinkers in the media during 2008.

Denise Bradley urged us to invest in higher learning in the Sydney Morning Herald.

John Menadue’s straightforward strategies to improve our health system were written up in Croakey.

Jennifer Doggett explained why Labor’s SuperClinics make policy sense but haven’t been implemented for Inside Story

Ben Eltham explained why pushing for mega-roads in Brisbane is bad policy in the Courier Mail.

Miriam Lyons and James Murray wrote about behavioural economics and the financial crisis for The Age.

Steve Keen explained The Big Bust for 60 Minutes.

John Quiggin explained why the need for substantial investment in infrastructure has never been greater in the Australian Financial Review.

With paid parental leave finally on the national policy agenda, Eva Cox commented on the Productivity Commission’s recommendations for the ABC Online.

The Age covered an Ian McAuley paper in Single-desk Insurance is a healthier option.

Tony Moore sunk his teeth into the education debate on ABC Unleashed in A Real Education Revolution.

David McKnight asked Who is behind the climate change deniers? for WA Today.

Read more coverage of Centre for Policy Development staff and fellows in the news including articles by Ben Eltham,  who has spent the year writing for New Matilda as their National Affairs Correspondent.

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