Strategic Workplace Planning in the APS 2009

Strategic Workforce Planning in the APS 2009 addresses the key workforce planning challenges that lie ahead for the Australian Public Sector from a national, state and whole-of-government perspective. Through innovative strategy on how to approach integral yet often overlooked workforce planning fundamentals such as the importance of strategic planning before the resource planning phase, best practice- data, measurement and analysis and the essential role of leadership in workshop planning, this conference will equip you with the tools you need to predict workforce issues in this unpredictable climate.

A new government, a volatile economy and an ageing population has changed the dynamic of the Australian Public Sector. The global financial crisis has increased pressure on the public service to do more with less and with a significant proportion of the APS expected to retire within the next 10 years, the urgency for effective workforce planning has never been greater!

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21st – 22nd September 2009
Marque Hotel

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