Welfare for the rich? How tax breaks are transforming Australia’s Welfare State

CPD Fellow, Ben Spies-Butcher considers how tax breaks are transforming Australia’s welfare. Are these new forms of social security promoting self-reliance or more welfare for the rich?

Over the past 30 years Australian Governments have increasingly moved away from creating new social security payments, but have instead
funded new forms of social security through the tax system. These benefits are said to increase self-reliance and choice, but they are far less equitable, transparent or accountable than traditional payments. This new system of tax breaks has also encouraged the growth of privatised social service providers in areas like pensions, health care and child care. In this forum we explore what has happened and discuss proposals to create a more universal, public and fairer system of social support.

Ben Spies-Butcher is a lecturer at Macquarie University and a fellow at the Centre for Policy Development. He recently co-authored ‘Reforming Australia’s Hidden Welfare State’ with Adam Stebbing.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Trades Hall, cnr Lygon and Victoria Sts
6.00 pm
Phone: 98789650

Members, students, concession, seniors $3
Non-members $6
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This is a Centre for Policy Development and Australian Fabians event.