Sustainable Economy Ideas Index

Making great green policy ideas easier to find

The Sustainable Economy Ideas Index will provide an online platform where people can share and promote ideas on what Australian governments can do to support a sustainable economy. This project will overcome the ‘google invisibility problem’ by developing a highly-ranked, central repository of policy proposals which will rescue good ideas from the obscurity of inquiry submissions and long reports and place them on the front page of google search results. The Ideas Index will harness the power of crowdsourced research to bring together the best policy ideas for solving the challenges Australia faces in transitioning to an economy that operates within environmental limits. It will allow students, academics, policy analysts, green businesses and other concerned citizens to capture policy ideas from Australia and around the world and to collaborate on making those ideas as compelling and easy to understand as possible.

See an early mock-up of the Ideas Index here.

What kinds of ideas will be in the index?

The index will focus on policy ideas which could be implemented by federal or state governments in Australia – while we recognise that actions by individuals, civil society and business are also important, ideas for changing government policy are often more complex and harder to find. The index will mainly be a platform for collecting ideas that have already been proposed or implemented elsewhere – although there’s room for original ideas where clear gaps in existing proposals can be identified.

Where good ideas might be found:

  • In the recommendations sections of reports by environment organisations
  • In papers or articles in academic journals
  • On other websites that look at environment policy, like World Changing
  • In submissions to government inquiries

Who will use the Ideas Index?

The Ideas Index will be a powerful tool for all stakeholders in the debate of ideas about our future. For concerned citizens prepared to take action; journalists and researchers whose job is to bring ideas to light; and politicians and public servants who can make the decisions to enact policies that affect our lives. It will provide a platform for a vigorous exchange of ideas whilst also producing a valuable tool to consult for the best green ideas and help to inject them into the debate.

Getting on board with the Ideas Index

What else we need: YOU

We need forward looking businesses, environmental organisations, researchers, academics and concerned citizens to support the Ideas Index and be part of research that informs a transition to a more sustainable economy.

Contact us to find out how you can support and contribute to compelling solutions that fill the policy vacuum and can make an impact in the debates that will shape our economy and sustain our environment.

For more information contact Antoinette Abboud antoinette.abboud(at) or call (02) 9043 6584.

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