Let’s hear about policy, writes Ben Eltham

Ben Eltham – CPD fellow – highlights how little we have heard so far on the Federal election campaign about any real policy being offered.

Published in ABC’s The Drum Unleashed on 21 July 2010.

The perils of policy pragmatism

Stop for a minute and ask yourself: what is this election all about, actually?

There’s been a lot of photo opportunities already. Babies have been kissed, speeches have been given and shopping centers have provided backdrops for speedo stunts and media opportunities.

Obviously, this election is partly about who gets to run the country, and there is certainly nothing wrong with an election platform that pledges simply to be the most competent government.

But what about the policies? So far we’ve heard precious little about them – particularly from the media, which has tended to concentrate on the stunts, the slogans and the spin. This is unfortunate, because…

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Ben Eltham is a writer, journalist, researcher and creative producer

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