The Concept of Reuse Is Regenerating the Arts and Culture in Australia

The ideas of CPD author Marcus Westbury about a ‘new funding paradigm’ for the arts pique the interest of the Huffington Post.

Published in the Huffington Post on 29 July 2010.

The opening of a branch of Reverse Garbage in Taylor Square in Sydney’s inner eastern suburbs is evidence of what mathematicians describe as a chaotic system becoming ordered. Reverse Garbage was founded in 1975 in the suburb of Marrickville and passes on materials — rolls of paper, tiles, carpet squares, art supplies, fabrics — that people can re-use. They took an early lead in recycling and reusing computer equipment. Any materials and parts that can’t be put back into working machines are turned into art supplies: In their Flickr set is snappy circuit board jewellery. But the store in Taylor Square, which opened two weeks ago, in a building that will eventually be the hub for a new bicycle sharing system and set of bike paths that are being constructed by the City of Sydney, anchors the increasingly popular concept of re-use in Sydney’s culture.

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