Welcome to our new website

It’s not quite finished yet, but with rapid-fire policy analysis to publish in the lead-up to the election, and our old site crashing every week, we thought it was time to flick the switch to the brand-new CPD website. Welcome!

Expect some broken links and missing images as we iron out the bugs in the new design – and please contact us and let us know if you notice anything seriously broken (feel free to let us know if you like the new look too!)

What’s new:

  • You can now post comments without being logged in – this should make it much more convenient to fire off a quick thought or two, without needing to be logged in or have the comment approved by a moderator first. Of course we’ll still be moderating the site, so you might want to check out our comments policy. Unless you’re a CPD author, you now won’t need your old username and password – one less login to remember!
  • You’re probably used to getting thinking points mainly by email. They’ll now be posted directly to the site. We’ll still be sending out regular emails with links to new pieces, but you’ll also see new content popping up on the front page more frequently than on our old site.

What’s missing:

  • For now, online donations have been turned off – but you can still donate to CPD by cheque and by phone.
  • Comments are yet to be migrated from the old site – don’t worry, they’re coming!
  • Most image links will be broken for the time being.