Chris Bonnor on the education election

CPD fellow Chris Bonnor has been watching most of this election campaign play out from the United States. In this 17 August op-ed in Online Opinion, he discusses how education policy has been treated in this Australian federal election and in progressive circles in the US:

It was also interesting to see our election from the perspective of a country which has adopted, indeed pioneered, so many of the ideas that Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott threw up for this campaign. Alas they are policies which have not met with any demonstrable success in the USA – my American friends cannot fathom why we want them.

Being absent during the campaign might nicely equip me to comment on details about, or the evidence for, such policy offerings. But I came back last weekend to find no details – just a lot of resonating noise. As for evidence, Julia Gillard gave up referring to “evidence-based policy” not long after the last election.

Read the whole article here.

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