The heritage wars heat up. Eltham responds on cultural policy

CPD fellows Ben Eltham and Marcus Westbury have been delivering their criticisms of Australian cultural policy in a number of media outlets since the release of More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now. Their criticisms haven’t been altogether well received by the Australia Council. In this 6th August 2010 blog post, Ben argues that the OzCo and other representatives of “heritage media” haven’t quite grasped the core of their arguments:

“As we point out in the essay, while there is substantial funding for organisations to perform works by Bach or Shakespeare (including funding for an entire company devoted to Shakespeare), only 2 per cent of Australia Council music funding goes to contemporary music, only 5 per cent of the arts funding in this country is devoted to living artists making new work, and the Australia Council gives five times as much funding to one opera company as it does to its entire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board.”

Read the whole post here.

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