Eva Cox on Abbott’s parental leave policy in Crikey

Tony Abbott’s parental leave policy has received plenty of media attention. Now that all the details are available, CPD fellow Eva Cox critically assesses the policy in this 4 August article for Crikey.

“It sounds good: six extra weeks and at replacement salary, not the minimum wage. But it’s not as good as it sounds. For a start, it entrenches sex discrimination as it doesn’t replace the carer’s pay unless they are the mother. This means it is not a real workplace payment and will do nothing to shift the current gender imbalance of parenting by  encouraging more sharing of roles.

“So the father gets two weeks on his pay but if he wants more, will usually drop to a lower pay rate. Legislating for this presumably would breach the Sex Discrimination Act and suggests the Coalition makes no commitment to closing the gaps between male and female wages. A lot of guff about mother child bonding as an excuse for saving money adds insult to injury.”

Read the whole article here.

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