Ian Dunlop: Our great strategic error

On the eve of the election, CPD’s Ian Dunlop considers our great strategic error on ABC’s The Drum Unleashed. Let’s hope our next governemnt will heed the warning.

“Management”, according to the late Peter Drucker, the renowned US social ecologist, “is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things”. So how does Australia measure up in these terms as we contemplate the leadership we deserve prior to the election?

We have had a dream run since World War II, built on our natural wealth. Despite the occasional hiccup, our economy has expanded year after year, with increasing prosperity. Understandably we are proud of being world leaders in agriculture, mining and processing, and we have created a strong and vibrant society in many other areas.

Despite periodic cock-ups, we can claim to have done well, excelling at doing things right, and doing the right things, albeit within a rather narrow, resource-dominated, vision. That is until about 15 -20 years ago when the world began to hit the environmental and resource limits which will dictate the evolution of society through the 21st Century.

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