James Arvanitakis: Why the Independents should dig the mining tax

Writing in The Punch, CPD Fellow James Arvanitakis argues the Independents should make sure the resource super profits tax is pursued by our next government.

First published 27 August 2010.

I was at a pub a couple of weeks ago and a friend asked my prediction about the election. Not much into making predictions I speculated that Abbott would do better than anyone expected and the ALP were running a campaign that could ruin them. One of my other friends jumped in and said, ‘it’s the tax, the mining tax, the idiots should never tax the one thing that makes us rich’.

An interesting debate followed that only ended when someone reminded me that it was ‘my shout’. Being a Saturday night and with the footy on the big screen, I think we simultaneously decided that this discussions about tax do not make for an ideal night out.

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