John Menadue speaking at Melbourne Writers Festival New News Conference 2-3 Sept 2010

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Come and see John Menadue speak at the Melbourne Writers Festival New News Conference on the 2-3 of September 2010.

The New News  conference is about building new, creative relationships between professional reporters, citizen journalists, newsmakers and audiences. Going beyond tired debates about bloggers versus journalists, the conference will include an expo of innovative news media, and a roundtable conversation room for informal chats, with opportunities for participants to organise their own meetings and collaborations.

John Menadue will be speaking at the panel on, ‘Public Health, Healthy Media? Opportunities Online’ chaired by Melissa Sweet (PIJ, Croakey) and joined in discussion by Becky Freeman from the University of Sydney, Nicholas Gruen from the Government 2.0 Taskforce and by teleconference Gary Schwitzer, Academic and US Health Journlist.

The topic will be ‘What are the new media opportunities for investigative and innovative public health journalism in Australia?’

When: September 3rd from 3.30pm-4.30pm
Where: Wheeler Centre Melbourne, Victoria

This is a free event, for more information please click here.

Blog Comments

There are some older Ideas that should be revived.
One that comes to mind is a Menzies proposal that got rolled by the Country party in 1934.
In order to prepare for retirement, he proposed a fund equally shared by worker, employer and Federal
Government of say 5% of the going rate for that person.
Imagine what the national savings would be by now.
It would be nice to see how this would pan out in an economic model.
Probably the one big idea he had.


%5 each meaning 15% of the going rate,
The employers share goes down workers share goes up but is matched by the Government.
If that means the pension outlays go down over time and the Super Fund underpins our economy. We all win!

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