Politics Abhors A Vacuum: Miriam Lyons and Mark Davis on More Than Luck

CPD Executive Director Miriam Lyons and Mark Davis outline the main themes of More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now in Inside Story (13 August):

What use is politics? It’s a question many Australians began to ask in the lead-up to the 2010 election as the Rudd and then the Gillard government ditched what seemed like a policy a day in a bid to lighten their electoral baggage. The home insulation scheme; increased childcare places; the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme; the besieged mining tax; a humane approach to asylum seekers: all went out the door or were heavily scaled back. It was as if the government stood for nought except getting re-elected. What was the point, many wondered, of all the grassroots work, of all the sweat that it took to get rid of the Howard government, when its replacement was so unwilling to stand up for the people and the issues that put it there?

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