Q&A with Pavan Sukhdev in Climate Spectator

Pavan Sukhdev discusses the UN Green Economy Initiative with Climate Spectator editor Giles Parkinson in this 2 August Q&A piece.

Giles Parkinson: Welcome Pavan. I guess one of the premises of this green economy initiative which you’re involved in is that we’re reaching an environmental credit crunch. How close are we to that?

Pavan Sukhdev: I think we are actually very close, depending on which aspect of the environment you look at. I think fresh water, for instance, is already a problem in many, many parts of the world, not least Australia. I think we are at a point where food security is an issue and I believe we are close to a point with coral reefs where their survival and therefore the dependence of 500 million people around the world who live close to or are dependent on their fisheries. That’s also very, very close. So we are kind of hitting multiple limits and it’s recognising that and seeing how new policies, new business thinking and new people awareness can address these issues is the challenge.”

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