Hearing from the new Climate and Health Alliance

Writing in Crikey’s health blog Croakey, Fiona Armstrong discusses the new organisation that is the Climate and Health Alliance.

First published, 2 September 2010 on Crikey.

Fiona Armstrong – who will be known to many Croakey readers for her work with the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance – dropped into the NewNews conference this morning.

She was promptly button-holed and asked to make an “unconference” presentation about the Climate and Health Alliance.

Here in roughly edited form is what she told us about this new organisation:

“The idea started a few years ago at an Australian Heathcare and Hospitals Association conference when concern was expressed that climate change wasn’t resonating with the health sector and broader community as a heath issue and that it needed to be made a public policy issue.

To read the full article click here.

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