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The Australian respond to John’s criticisms

After listening to John’s comments about the media and their recent coverage of the election, you might like to see how The Australian have responded in an editorial on 18 September and in Janet Albrechtsen’s column on 22 September. Both take aim at John Menadue for his criticisms of the their election coverage, describing it as ‘a puerile rant‘. We’ll leave it to our readers to judge for themselves.

Listen to and read what John had to say:

On the ABC’s 702 Mornings Program with Deborah Cameron, John rates the job the media did in serving the public interest during the recent election and his assessment gives much cause for concern. John points out policy ideas that were never discussed and explains how journalists missed crucial news stories, failing to examine the ideas that matter to us, as citizens and voters.

LISTEN to the podcast here.

READ the sizzling critique John Menadue recently delivered at the New News Conference on the state of the media and how we might start fixing it.