New Public Service Research Program

The Centre for Policy Development will soon be launching a new public service research program that will start by identifying a long-term intellectual framework for public sector reform – based on clearly stated values and principles, evidence of what works (and what doesn’t), and awareness of the internal and external challenges that will face the public service over the coming decades.

This program will put forward evidence on:

  • What governments do best (covering both their role in directly providing public goods, and their relationship with the market and community sectors)
  • How governments can do what they do best, better (taking in common causes of governments’ failure to serve the public interest effectively and how to address them)
  • How to fund governments to serve the public interest over the long term

…and it will place these arguments within the context of the major forces driving change in the public sector over the coming decades.


Help shape the future of public services in Australia. See a detailed position description here.

The CPD’s new public service research program has been generously made possible by the CPSU and by your donations. Outcomes of the program will not necessarily represent the views of its funders – see CPD’s Funding Policy for more information. You can find a list of our supporters here AND you can join them by donating to make good ideas matter.