Former CPD intern to head on Antarctica expedition

Gemma Borgo-Caratti started interning with CPD a year ago, working on seeding our Green Economy Toolkit project – a policy portal of good green economic policy ideas. Gemma’s experience here and engagement with climate policy ideas sparked her commitment to be a climate change campaigner. Now working at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), Gemma is planning to set off on an expedition to Antarctica in April 2011. She will become a youth ambassador for the protection of Antarctica,  making a commitment to campaign for Antarctica’s protection up to and including 2041 when the moratorium is up for renewal.

Here’s what Gemma has to say about her time contributing to the ideas at CPD:

‘The dedicated team at CPD helped me to discover my passion for environmental protection and sustainability. Their commitment to effective and sustainable policy in Australia inspired me to take action and create the change I so desperately wanted to see. I had an amazing experience here during my placement at University and afterwards as a volunteer. I learnt so many new skills and I encourage anyone with in interest in policy development to volunteer with them. Thanks for all the opportunities you have given me.’

We’re all very proud of Gemma. Read about her planned expedition to Antarctica in Northside magazine here (flick to page 9).

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