Eva Cox | Hands up who wants a 30 hour week

Eva Cox remembers when we talked of more leisure time. So how  did we end up  with our over-worked, growth-focused society? She has some seemingly radical ideas to do less paid work and share all other life experiences more fairly.  And she thinks it would save energy!

Read Eva’s article in The Punch here.

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I totally agree with a shorter working week. The workplace becomes more efficient and productive by focussing on output . Salary should be linked to outcome rather than hours at work. Many people would be more enthusiastic about being at work knowing that it is not all consuming for 30 years or more. A shorter working week would allow more time to become actively involved in other important persuits, such as family, sports, and community. Unemployment is reduced, more people have access to the the elusive “balanced lifestyle” and the community is richer economically and socially. I have got my hand up.

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