Jennifer Doggett | Is this real health reform or more of the same?

CPD health policy expert, Jennifer Doggett refutes Kevin Rudd’s claim that the re-vamped COAG hospitals agreement constitutes ‘major national health reform’. She finds the ‘in principle’ COAG agreement abandons most of the central reform features of the Rudd blueprint. So is changing and what is staying the same for our ailing health system?

Read Jennifer’s article in The Punch here.

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I believe it is another level of beaurcracy and it does not serve the purpose for us frontline staff. Leaders are very much worried about funding…yes it is a major issue but the way it is dealt with we are spending more money and resources. What was reason for dismantling it in the first place????2008 we had amalgamation, 2011 LHN, next 4 yrs it will be dismantling again. Imagine what dark hole we are placed in. We cannot do anything because we donot know what will happen. Mental health still does not know what will happen. We still are in cluster management. Our boses look tired as well.

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