Ben Eltham | Relax. Prices Aren’t Skyrocketing

The rising cost of living is one of Tony Abbott’s key arguments against the carbon tax. But are prices really shooting up so fast? For most of us, it’s not nearly as bad as they say, writes Ben Eltham.

Ben writes:

“The rising cost of living has become the key plank in the conservative argument against action on climate change. While the costs and benefits of introducing a price on carbon pollution have fiercely divided the nation, the inexorable increase in the prices of everyday goods and services is something we can apparently all agree on.”

And it’s a position being pushed by both the major parties with many in the media joining in. But are prices really be going the roof? Ben takes a look at just where prices are rising and where we are seeing some amazing deflation.

Read Ben’s article in New Matilda here.