Ray Moynihan cites John Menadue’s health ideas | British Journal of Medicine

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John Menadue’s recent calls for reforms to rural health policy have received attention in the British Journal of Medicine.

Health journalist, Ray Moynihan writes:

John Menadue, from the Centre for Policy Development in Sydney, told the same conference in March that it’s time that an educated and informed community challenged the power of vested interests in medicine, notably doctors’ associations, private health insurers, and drug companies. Formerly an ambassador to Japan, a manager within Rupert Murdoch’s empire, a chief executive of Qantas, and at one time the top public servant in the nation, Menadue, like many others, is disturbed by the misallocation of so many resources to clinical medicine at the expense of genuine prevention and work on inequity and the social determinants of health.

Ray concludes …

The confluence of interest between advocacy groups, those who sell treatments, and those who prescribe them makes for a potent cocktail of influence, almost always pushing policy makers in one direction: more tests, more procedures, more beds, more pills. Few groups take a bird’s eye view, which would make it painfully clear that overdiagnosis and iatrogenic harm are an increasingly serious threat to human health and the rational use of public resources.

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