Seeking new interns to make Public Service ideas matter

We’re now recruiting interns to work on the Public Service Research Program.

What our current interns say about volunteer research work with CPD:

I have really enjoyed being an intern at CPD. I was interested in getting experience in the policy research world and that is exactly what this has offered me. I guess I was particularly fortunate to be put on the Public Service program because it is in line with my interests and academic studies – I hadn’t expected that it would be such a valuable experience. Seeking an internship somewhere is always a bit of an unknown and so far it has been much more rewarding than others I have done. It has been great to be given such discreet projects/tasks to work on and be trusted to just do the research. I appreciate this independence and trust a lot. James has been good at directing the focus but equally it has been great to be asked to provide input on a range of issues and to be able to engage in the wider project. I think the group pow wows are particularly beneficial.


I have loved being an intern! I have learnt so much – particularly just from being around the brains trust of the office. What I have really enjoyed is being on a particular project – being assigned the research tasks has let me work in my own time but still integrate with others. I have loved be able to learn, while still contributing to CPD. Working with James on the public service has been fascinating – I loved doing my research knowing it was for a ‘big’ project. I’ve always felt included and everyone is extremely approachable.


I could not have imagined a better internship. Do it. Consider what stage of a project/ what tasks/ as well as the program area you are interested in contributing to, based on reading CPD papers, before approaching CPD.


Read about the Public Service Program here. If you’re interested in applying as a program intern, email james.whelan(at) or call 02 9043 6815.