PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE NEWS | Q: What is the plural noun for public servants?

A: An agency.

Public service critics and detractors are rarely so kind. Pledges to reduce the size of public service agencies are a routine element of political and media cycles. Kevin Rudd spoke of ‘administrative bloating’ when the Howard Government began to recruit public servants after years of dramatic down-sizing. More recently, Joe Hockey promised to axe 12,000 public servants upon election “for starters”. [link to source?]

We have been researching staffing levels and trends in the Australian Public Service (APS). The facts challenge the basis for anti-public service rhetoric. Next week we will release our Staffing the Public Service Report. This is the first installment of our upcoming report: State of the Australian Public Service. The first paper in our Public Service Program, it will offer a much needed independent appraisal of the Australian Public Service.

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