James Whelan & Anna Long | How many bureaucrats are enough?

James Whelan and CPD intern, Anna Long publish an extract from their chapter, Attitudes to the Public Service, in The Canberra Times, Public Sector Informant.

READ the entire article How many bureaucrats are enough? here (first published in The Canberra Times Public Sector Informant).

James Whelan & Anna Long write:

“The public service’s detractors have failed to establish the need to cut APS employee levels.

Despite speaking highly of the APS, former Labor leader Kevin Rudd also referred to growth in APS staff during the latter years of the Howard government as ‘administrative bloating’.

The size of the Australian Public Service generates heated political debate. Anti-public service commentators typically resort to the ‘big government’ frame to promote the idea that the APS has too many employees. Conservative politicians, researchers and think tanks assert that the APS has grown excessively and that, as a consequence, Australian citizens are over-regulated and excessively taxed.”

READ the entire chapter Attitudes Toward the Public Service.

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