PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE NEWS | U.K. responses to ‘Big society’

This week’s news summary tracks UK public service reforms.  ‘Big Society’ is stirring folks up!

David Cameron to unveil blueprint for public services > At a speech in London, the PM will vow to end the “take-what-you’re given” culture, and deliver “more freedom, more choice and more local control”. He wants to allow companies, charities and community groups to bid to run everything from local health services to schools, libraries and parks…

Clegg keeps distance from services plan > “We have just been through agonies trying to persuade the public we aren’t about to privatise the NHS,” said one ally of the deputy prime minister. “It’s not exactly clear that the public have the appetite for a new upheaval”…

Ministers urged to let hospitals and schools fail to hasten reforms > Ministers have been privately advised to allow schools and hospitals to fail if the government is to succeed in its overhaul of public services, confidential government documents reveal.

Cameron to unveil John Lewis-style public services >The long-awaited shake-up of the state will be launched by David Cameron tomorrow, with a promise to hand “choice and control” to communities across the country. He will throw open every part of the public sector to the “best possible provider”, in a move that is likely to attract accusations of privatisation by the back door.

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