Chris Bonnor | Deciphering education funding

School funding is one of those topics that gets people fired up, and recent stories about elite schools like Sydney’s Cranbrook making $7.3 million in profit last year while copping a massive $5.3 million in public funding only fuel the debate. The My School site has also divided opinion – some see it as unfair – trashing the reputations of public schools in socially disadvantaged areas that never really had a chance. Private schools won’t be providing details of their assets, trust accounts and profits on the New My School 3.0 website due out next year despite Peter Garrett wanting it. The body that administers the site says it’s not possible to include the extra information before the site’s revamp.

While all this is happening the Gonski Review is going to try and have another look at how we could reform the education system. Radio Adelaide’s Tim Brunero spoke to CPD resident education expert, Chris Bonnor to make sense of all of this. Tim asked him what the Gonski Review was trying to achieve.

LISTEN to Chris Bonnor’s interview here.

For more, visit Chris Bonnor’s site Education Media Watch Website

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