Kerry Murphy | Improving the Refugee Debate

During the week of the tenth anniversary of the Tampa, and following the release of A New Approach, Breaking the Stalemate on Refugees and Asylum Seekers,  Kerry Murphy comments on the pressing need to move the asylum seeker debate ‘from one aimed at the lowest common denominator, to one based on the ‘better angels of our nature’.

With the High Court inquiry into Prime Minister Gillard’s Malaysian Solution and the parliamentary inquiry into self-harm and suicide in asylum seeker centres, the impetus for change in Australia’s asylum seeker policy is reaching critical mass.

To read Kerry’s article on a few alternatives to Australia’s “stop the boats” approach, click here.

Read the full CPD report, A New Approach: Breaking the Stalemate of Refugee & Asylum Seekers here.

A New Approach comprehensively critiques Australia’s refugee and asylum policies and finds they are inhumane, ineffective and expensive.

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 I think it should be given more importance to the subject with all the changing circumstances of a refugee.

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