Malcom Fraser | ‘End the appeal to meanness’

Malcom Fraser’s opinion piece in The Age today,  ‘End the appeal to meanness’ echoes the sentiments of our report, A New Approach: Breaking the stalemate on Refugees & Asylum Seekers.

Fraser makes clear the urgent need for bi-partisanship on an issue that has left many of our political leaders divided.

There are alternative policies available to Australian governments. They have not taken them because neither party is willing to lift substantially the humanitarian intake. By substantially I mean at least doubling or even trebling it, especially if other countries could be persuaded to act likewise.

Meanwhile, our political leaders continue to demean Australia, to portray us as a narrow, wealthy, selfish community by the debates they conduct between themselves. …The Australian people deserve much better. Hopefully, one day our politicians will treat the Australian community with respect, instead of the contempt they show with their judgment of Australians.

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Read the full CPD report: A New Approach: Breaking the Stalemate of Refugee & Asylum Seekers here.

A New Approach comprehensively critiques Australia’s refugee and asylum policies and finds they are inhumane, ineffective and expensive.