PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE NEWS | Shorten defends public servants amid surplus announcements

Wiltshire libraries saved by more than 300 volunteers > “Mr Thomson, deputy leader at the conservative-led council, added: “The Big Society was going on in Wiltshire when Osborne and Cameron were still at Eton. It was here long before they came along. I don’t think volunteers are on the cheap, they’re giving their time and experience to the libraries.”

We’re pushing to budget surplus: Shorten > Talk of returning the budget to surplus turns to job losses in the public service sector.  The coalition is committed to cutting 12,000 public service jobs as part of its plan to return the budget to surplus. Mr Shorten said he did not believe there was a lot of fat in the public service to cut. “There’s a lot of people doing a lot of hard work in the Commonwealth public sector,” he said.

Minister in Big Society debate at The CLA Game Fair >  The Government’s Big Society agenda was hotly debated at The CLA Game Fair, “countryside people have practised “Big Society” for hundreds of years and that it is important the Government’s new initiative does not hinder the good work already going on.”

Further information on what form Big Society is really taking on the ground out in the communities is being conducted by the Third Sector Research Centre. > With the government’s “big society” policies laying great stress on the capacities and resources of communities, the Third Sector Research Centre is conducting some new analysis and establishing new data resources, to build a picture of how communities might fare under new policies. A consistent theme in the centre’s work is the uneven capacity of communities. Their quantitative research has begun to show how these patterns relate to underlying social and economic conditions.

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